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October 31, 2014, 02:54:45 AM *
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 on: October 30, 2014, 07:05:13 PM 
Started by martindespi - Last post by martindespi
Oh look how PLDT Telecom is so pathetic blocking merging of telcos they seems like they want to own everything!

When monopolies rear their ugly heads, they strike fear among their intended victims—businesses, labor and consumers alike—who imagine their lifeblood being sucked out.

In the Philippines, PLDT’s record for decades in sustaining its overly dominant hold of the telecom industry is reflected in its recent success in obtaining a 60-day Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from the Court of Appeals to block hearings of National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on the joint Bayantel and Globe petition for corporate rehabilitation of the former.

Through this TRO, PLDT is apparently being true to form as a monopoly for being anti-competition. The corporate rehabilitation of Bayantel by Globe will actually help foster a more competitive industry with Bayantel.  Stakeholders will be given a new lease on life and a brighter opportunity to serve and grow its customers.

If PLDT is crying unfair trade vs. the Bayantel-Globe restructuring plan, isn’t that being dishonest or hypocritical o in the light of its monopolistic PLDT-Smart-Digitel-Sun deal?

- A blow to the telco industry by Emil Jurado of Manila Standard Today

 on: October 30, 2014, 05:21:40 PM 
Started by awais8585 - Last post by awais8585
Height well or anything else let me explain no one had ever felt lower than me suddenly after 17 years of marriage  I lost everything I lost my family I was broke I was feeling rotten about myself I couldn't ever imagine any woman would ever want to date me I felt as if someone introduced the woman to be the only words that would come out of my mouth would be hi I'm at a I'm a failure want to go outwit me had nothing to say I lacked that one thing that women say they want confidence would make things.

 on: October 29, 2014, 04:59:10 PM 
Started by geejay - Last post by geejay

Dear All,

Cnxa na bago plng ako dito.pero yung nararamdaman ko mabubulok na sa sobrang tagal na.Im a girl 22 may bf pero di makamoveon sa ex, 2012 nagbreak kami ng x ko. kc Long distance relationship kami.
5 yrs kmi at wala,nafallout of love na ko at nafall agad ako sa new guy na kakakilala ko lng kasi sobrang tagal ng x ko,di na ko nakapaghintay buong college years namin di kami magkasama.4 yrs lng course ko, siya 5 yrs pero ggraduate na sna xa ng 2012 .bigla nlng nangyari na may nkilala akong iba bago xa gumraduate,sa sobrang kalungkutan ko,nilandi na ako ng iba at nagpalandi naman ako,nakipagbreak na ko sa bf ko agad2. Tapos ayun naging kami na agad ni new guy.
After 3 months lang nalaman ko na sila na pala nung close friend ang sakit sakit sakit. Ngaung 2 years after kami pa rin nung naging bf ko at sila pa rin nung close friend ko. Nasira na ung friendship naming nung close friend ko kasi ang awkward bglang ayoko na xang kausapin.til now di pa rin kami ok kasi nga naging sila ng ex ko at hindi ko pa rin matanggap. Shet! Ang tagal tagal na.2 yrs na di p rin ako makapagmove on. Love ko naman itong c bf ko pero bkt gnun nasasaktan pa rin ako at iniistalk ko pa rin ung ex ko.ang dmi2 naming memories na di ko mapakawalan. Namimiss ko rin ung family niya at she tang saklap makita na close na ung friend ko sa family nia.kung di lng ako naging atat at hinintay ko siyang makagraduate para magkasama na kami ngaun sa manila di sana masaya kami ngaun together at bumawi sa mga times na di namin naenjoy sa 5yrs na LDR kami.
Lagi na lang akong malungkot…di ko na alam gagawin ko. Masaya ako sa bf ko pero pag naaalala ko si ex bumabalik yung lungkot ko at panghihinayang sa relationship namin. Help! Ang abnormal na ng nraramdaman ko di ba? Napakainsensitive ba nung friend ko na nakipagrelasyon na rin agad siya sa ex ko nang malamang wala na kami without even thinking kung nakamove on na ba ako agad after 3 months noon? Alam ko kasalanan ko na ako nakipagbreak at ako pala di makakamove on pero...bakit siya pa?sana hindi na lang ung friend ko. Anong gagawin ko pra makalimutan siya. Serious comments pls…

 on: October 29, 2014, 02:50:22 PM 
Started by awais2232 - Last post by awais2232
but it's not yours hit up if we lose a little bit Koori recorded respite Ste like a little it's the hardest thing with it does the bottom sort of a letter
 let you know losses crazy she told TV man your day right this bill just up with you what time it was mayhem but this mother fucker was walking in between rounds in see it why analysts Lance right he was doing ok I'll enough some loll research lose its mother fucker right lo.

 on: October 29, 2014, 09:39:16 AM 
Started by rie - Last post by rie
I am a single mother with 2 kids with my previous relationship, then i met this guy who is 10 yrs younger than me, we're living in together with my kids,then last January i gave birth to my third child which is his first child and it's a healthy baby boy. First it was a great relationship we had and we are getting married this year also, then after i gave birth everything changed,we almost fight everyday,from simple things he always make it worse to the extent that i told him to leave the house to stop fighting.. because i don't want my kid's see us fighting and arguing everyday,after that incident we decided that he will going to visit our son every weekends on his rest day from work.. i thought everything is okay until last October 11 Saturday night after a drink with my brother we sleep, i woke up hearing he's talking as i opened my eyes i saw him talking to my 13 yrs old daughter,advising her about family,study and etc. So i told him to stop because she has a training the next day morning,and he just said no you stop and go back to sleep i'm still talking to her, so i thought its okay and went back to sleep..then after a week i was worried with my daughters reaction every time i mention his name, and she keep asking if is he going to sleep over again here? and i simply said yes dear, why? nothing she replied. Then one day before going to school i asked her if what is wrong with her? she seems so worried and exhausted..she cant even sleep at night unless i told her so..she just text me and said that my bf attempted to touch her vagina 3-4 times but she refuses and i just woke and he stopped. I was totally shocked and speechless and cried, i cant imagine how can he do that to my daughter that he even said to me the next day after that incident that he was trying to be a dad to her because she seems like avoiding her since he leave the house, i cant imagine how he did it? and keep asking myself why did i didn't stood up and stop him that mid morning to that it did not happen to her at all,i am blaming myself until now, and cant take it that a person whom i loved truly and a father of my son attempted to touch my daughter,i talked to my daughter if did he do something else to you?? she said no, was it the first time? she said 2 to 3 weeks ago he touched my arms maliciously i just covered my body then pretend to sleep and you got in to our room so he stop, so it means that he is trying to have sex with my daughter? rape her? abuse her? I am having a depression now, i hope somebody could help me because when i told him about it he just said sorry and he did not know that he did it to her?? i don't believe him but i know i love him and i love my daughter too, i am having a hard time thinking what the best that i can do, because he said that he will do apologized to my daughter and ask me to forgive him,i feel pity t my daughter and to our son and to myself...I cant forgive myself and him right now, what will be the best thing that i can do, because i know that if i will let him go back here again for sure he will going to do it again because he already did it twice to her,please help my mind is saying let him go but my heart is saying forgive him...My trust was already ruined...but the love stays..please help me to cope up....i felt helpless,worthless, depressed... please help me...

 on: October 28, 2014, 07:49:45 PM 
Started by quen - Last post by star-crossed lovers

 on: October 28, 2014, 05:43:58 PM 
Started by prettychicc - Last post by Ikawalu
nanghuhuli lang yan kung sino ang iiwasan nya sa forum... Grin Grin Grin Grin

 on: October 27, 2014, 04:50:39 PM 
Started by prettychicc - Last post by JurassicPark
Pwede mo ba ako itry? Almost 50 na ako e after 25 years.

 on: October 27, 2014, 04:45:45 PM 
Started by athens - Last post by JurassicPark
Hello satrianee. Pare wala akong GF ngayon e kinakantot ko lang yung mga may gusto hehe. Kung gusto mo one time sumama ka sa amin kung may alam kang place na pwede nating gawing tatlo. Wala kasi akong sariling place e nagrerent lang ako.

 on: October 27, 2014, 03:38:26 PM 
Started by rich201026 - Last post by AguY
hi tg..-.^

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